Dayre Reviews – @Gilliansng

Dayre  Reviews – @Gilliansng

CCK190 Wanton Mee


📍CCK190 Wanton Mee, Stall #01-110

Today’s lunch adventure was an impromptu one led by @imchaaa 💁🏻

I can never resist wanton mee, especially one that is made by family!

Hers, of course, not mine la hahaha 😂

Auntie and uncle hard at work preparing all the delicious wanton mee, fried wanton and dumplings for us! 😁👆🏻


Fried dumplings (5 for $3.50)

This shizzz is the da bomb. Everyone polished this plate of dumplings off really quickly because it was just too yummy la.

The dumplings are plump, meat filling is moist and has one prawn in each dumpling (full prawn hello, not tiny 1/8 of a prawn hahaha) and the skin is perfectly crisp!

太好吃了! 😭

Reminds me of the homemade ones I get when my helper is in a good mood 😂 lol!


Fried wantons (10 for $2.50)

After eating the generously stuff fried dumplings, these wantons seem to pale in comparison LOL

It’s still nice la but haih… The fried dumplings have ruined me.

If you prefer wantons over dumplings, order this! Hao chi also! The meat filling is more than most of the stalls I know 😂


So this is what a wanton mee party looks like 😋

Most of us opted for their original wanton mee with chilli, while @rave99was the only extra one who wanted to have his with black sauce also. You think pontian ah? 😂

But anyway, it is offered too if you prefer that version! Just ask 😉

You can also opt for the non-spicy ketchup version, which I also sometimes enjoy!

@imchaaa‘s mom chided her for eating the ketchup version LOL she said “so old alr still never advance” 😂 (in Chinese of cos lol)


Fried/wanton mee ($2.50/$3.50/$4.50)
Fried/dumpling noodles ($3.50/$4.50)

The chilli sauce looks daunting, but it’s actually pretty okay!

The warm burn comes after it enters your tummy actually haha but it’s very tolerable and pretty yummy in fact.

They are still fine-tuning the accompanying sauces for the wanton mee, so you can only expect it to taste better each time you come 😉

Noodles were springy or QQ as most people would say, char siew was tender (I usually don’t finish the char siew in wanton mee cus it’s so dry, yucky) and the swimming wantons in the accompanying soup was shiok!

They really do not scrimp on the meat fillings at all and that makes the whole meal more enjoyable of course! 😋

Who wants to pay and eat 90% wanton skin and 10% meat only right lol I can cook for you if you want. So easy! HAHA


You see!

I didn’t kid you when I said the dumplings were well-stuffed right?

Lookie at the prawn too! 🍤😋

Sigh! I must have this again. It’s just so yummy that it definitely warrants a revisit!

If anyone’s interested to get their wanton mee fix, here’s the add:

89 Circuit Road, #01-110
Singapore 370089

Opening hours: 6am-2pm
Closed every Wednesday

Only downside is that it’s only opened till 1pm so.. Have your lunch early ok! It’s worth it I promise 😋


Teehee thank you Cha for having us + @kosmickittens for giving us a lift to & fro! ✨

I’m finally back home and gonna have my dinner before I start eating my phone after looking at all the food pics for too long 😭




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